Lianyungang Meat Plant belongs to one class enterprise of medium-sized state-owned.It is one of registered exporters in meat foods refrigeration processing by the whole nation.It takes up the area of 9300 square meter,containing built-up area of 30,00 square meter and having fixed assets of RMB 92,000,000 yuan.
 There are three product lines inculding butcher process line,fowl process line and vegetable process line.In aspect of throughput,we can process 2,000 pigs and 10,000 fowls every day,with the advanced assembly line.In aspect of exporting vegetable four kinds,there are

 Factory director :
Mr. Zhou Xiang

fresh vegetables, deepfreezed ,dehydrated and pickled vegetable. In aspect of throughput,we can process 4,000 tons every year.It has a two-storied building for butcher workshop and a three-storied building for partition colligation workshop that we can process 20 tons partition-meat for export every shift.Having a automatic packaging workshop,a 45 tons preparation workshop,four stainless steel product lines for foods process,a set of sewage cleaning system,a 5000 tons refrigeratory that it contains built-up area of 10,172 square meter and deepfreeze ability of 108 tons every day . In aspect of refrigeration technics,it is autocontroled by computer.
 It has advantageous traffic because there is a specially assigned railway line connecting Longhai railway and 25 kilometres from lianyungang port, 35 kilometres from air port noly two kilos from highway .We can provided with richness water and electricity.The plant is in beautiful surroundings and is invested with the title of "gardens factory" by the our government.

 Welcome all the customers to our plant for business affairs.

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